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October 3, 2018
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How to Write a Good Cause and Effect Essay

Choice of Topic

Writing a cause and effect essay requires the writer to choose a topic regarding the daily happenings of life that has an obvious cause and effect. Brainstorm across the various causes and effects surrounding that topic to identify the strong points that they will write about. Writing down the points during the research helps a lot in the identification of the areas that the writer will talk about.  Once you are done with the research, write an outline that will act as a guideline to writing a draft and in turn the final essay. Have a friend review your outline or ask for a help at online essay writing service before writing the final essay.


The introduction paragraphs give a brief description of the topic to ensure that the reader is aware of what to expect in the essay. In addition, the final sentence is the thesis statement which gives a breakdown of the various causes and effect that will be discussed in the body paragraphs.
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The rest of the body paragraphs should begin by mentioning the cause and the effect that will be discussed. This is followed by an explanation and an example where necessary. A conclusion is necessary to enhance the understanding of the reader regarding that idea. Put the different ideas in separate paragraphs for clarity.


This is the final paragraph of the essay whereby the student sums up their ideas by restating the thesis statement. As well, the writer is free to give their opinions and feelings regarding the topic. A suggestion of what can be done regarding the effects can also be given in this section.


In addition, make sure that you link the effect to the cause appropriately to avoid having hanging ideas. This calls for the writer to organize their ideas well before commencing to write the essay so that they can identify the matching causes and effects. Mixing the causes and effects can be confusing hence, it is important to outline them chronologically by using conjunction words.

Begin the body paragraphs with the strongest points and finish off with the weak points. This helps in capturing the attention of the reader since the strong points in such essay are the common aspects of that topic that are discussed in our daily lives.

Ensure that the essay is not too long since this can be boring and can also result to the writer discussing points that are off the topic. Five to seven sentences are a good choice for every paragraph. This is made possible by focusing on a few points because most of the topics regarding such essays have a lot of information to write about. Writing about too many points makes the essay unnecessarily long and can lead to the unclear explanation of ideas.

Read the allocated reading materials carefully and if necessary, look for additional information from other sources to ensure that you provide fully supported details.


Ensure that the essay follows the guidelines given in the rubric. Therefore are various styles of writing such as APA, MLA, and Harvard among others, which the writer ought to be familiar with. As well, this section requires the writer to read the essay out loudly to identify any grammar and spelling mistakes. It also makes it easy to add details to incomplete ideas or eliminate the unwanted context.

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