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There are a few key foundations a guy has to lay in order to meet more woman. Starting with an indirect foundation, let’s look at the motivational killer called porn.

For the majority of guys, watching porn will diminish their sex drive and encourage an unhealthy perspective around sex. Considering your objectives during this workshop, the last thing you want to do is diminish your sex drive during this course. In week 3 we will work on showing sexual intent, both verbally and physically. If you possess a genuine, healthy desire to be with women, it will help truck loads with expressing sexual intent.

No matter where you’re at, motivation and sex drive will always play a massive role in overcoming fears and pushing boundaries. A guy who knows he can go home and jack-off to porn (essentially tricking his brain he’s getting sex with a hot girl), is less likely to put in maximum effort. But if your only option is to actually do it in real life, you’re likely to push yourself that little bit harder. So start getting real with sex. If you want to have sex, don’t watch porn, create a rule for yourself that you actually have to experience it firsthand

The next concept is a direct foundation that you will need to practice in the field. Welcome to the art of ploughing. You would know by now that not all interactions are smooth sailing. Some girls love the experience and are immediately receptive to your approach, others might politely excuse themselves right away. And then there are the girls who belong in the middle ground, the ones that aren’t engaging or investing in the conversation right away, but not trying to run off either. So what’s going on? Are they just being socially polite and waiting for a chance to bail, or genuinely interested but overcome by nerves? It could be either, and the answer will come with experience. But for now, you have to remind yourself that girls can be just as nervous as you are during an approach. This is especially true during day game. Some girls just need more time before they can feel comfortable opening up to a stranger on the street. You need to give them this time. Remember, she can walk away any time she wants, so if she’s still standing in front of you, assume she wants to be there. You sole focus is to continue the conversation until you hit social comfort or she leaves. This is the art of ploughing.

Yes, it can feel awkward, grinding away through a dry conversation, trying be come up with creative responses to her one word answers, but it’s a very necessary exercise in building social skills. In that exact moment, when you think it’s not going great and all you want to do is bail, you have to learn to plough through. You have to be the man and carry the conversation if she can’t. When social silence ensues, you have to avoid going into your head to try and scoop out something to say. Instead, be present and just look at her, learn to say the first thing that comes to you. Learn to be comfortable with the social pressure. If a girl sees that you clearly can’t handle the pressure of carrying on a conversation, what does this imply to her about your character? You want her to know that you can handle it. And even if the awkwardness is palpable between you, you have to ability to accept it, smile, and continue, because you know if you just keep talking you’ll hit a vibe, and she will eventually feel comfortable and open up.