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Meeting woman in Melbourne is pretty much the same as any other city. I’ve heard many guys complain that it’s particular hard to meet girls here – but it seems everyone thinks that of their own city. When the Australian man travels to the U.S. it seems like pick up becomes easy for him, and when the U.S man visits Melbourne it’s like picking fruit off a low hanging tree. Truth is it doesn’t matter, it’s all just a matter of perception. When a guy is travelling he is in a high social vibe with an excellent state – that’s actually what makes the different. If guys could just reach the point of social comfort by getting into state it wouldn’t matter what country their in – they would kill it either way.

At some point you need to make the transition from complete stranger  to the girl thinking – this guy seems interesting, I might talk with him for a bit – this is essentially what defines social comfort. You don’t have to be as comfortable as best friends, the interaction can still be slightly bumpy with a moderate amount of nerves involved. Social comfort just means her feet are planted,  she’s not trying to escape, she is mutually contributing to the conversation and appears receptive to continue. Some guys in the community call this stage locked-in, meaning the girl has indicated she’s willing to stay, which gives you time to move forward with the process. There is often no point flirting, teasing, expressing serious intent, or anything else that spikes the interaction, until you reach the point of social comfort.

So now you know what to aim for, the first thing you might be asking is…

“What do I say to her!?”

Welcome to the biggest conundrum  guys face when cold approaching for the first time. Not knowing “what to say” is one of the most common sticking points after breaking through the barrier of cold approach. And just like opening, the answer is probably a lot simpler than you think. Truth is – the content of a conversation doesn’t matter (to an extent). If we gave you a conversation script to follow you wouldn’t have the opportunity to hone and develop your social skills. If we gave you specific things to say it would just create a bad habit of relying on scripted content. That said, you don’t have to freestyle the whole thing either. Like so many other things in this Game, the best solution is to work within certain principles. Here are some general principles for making your way towards social comfort.

You can use assumptions, the 80/20 rule, avoid anything D & M, and focus on congruence and social state in order to reach the stage of social comfort. I plan to write articles on each of these concepts so we can build a picture of how to consistently meet woman in Melbourne.