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The question is almost ironic.

To get a solid girlfriend most guys have to be good with woman in general. I mean, yes, if you want to settle for any type of girl, or you want a girl just as a validation trophy, you don’t have to be that experienced. But to get the type of girl you might actually want to keep, you need to know what you’re doing. This can make it extremely hard for guys who didn’t get a good head start with the ladies. For example, if a guy doesn’t start out very confident in life, and this translates to very little reference experience with woman, by the time the guy leaves school he can be completely lost with how to get a girl. And is this an attractive quality? Unfortunately not. Girls are attracted to masculinity. It’s true that masculinity can be expressed in many different ways, which is dependent on a guy’s personality, but there are some foundational qualities that most guys need in order to create polarity between the sexes. A good example of this is the ability to lead, and be confident is ones actions an intentions around a girl. But how can a guy with virtually no experience be confident and lead a girl through the courting process? It’s very head to do so. If a guy is asking the question of “how to get a girl” then the act is he probably doesn’t have the key qualities to get a nice girl in the first place. So what should he do?

You have to start somewhere. What is vital for guys without much experience is references. For guys who has no trouble getting girls easy on, the articles question makes no sense to them. This is because they have plenty of reference experiences. You see, getting a girlfriend is not something you can learn by reading. It’s not necessarily a logical process. It’s not like you can read a text book and rememorise the formula. The only way to get reference experiences is to experience many interactions with different woman. Unfortunately most guys never achieve this. Most guys live in scarcity when it comes to woman, so when they happen to get one, they hang on with dear life. Instead of building up lots of experiences and meeting lots of different woman they settle with what they can get. But this is not a sustainable or satisfying way to handle your dating life.

To get the girl you want and keep her in your life you have to have lots of experiences. Hence, the real question that heads this article should translate to how do I get good with woman in general. If your goal is anything less don’t expect to ever have this question handled. Unless you broaden your scope, step outside of your comfort zone, and are prepared to do thing you never thought possible, don’t expect things to change any type soon.

There are girls everywhere, society doesn’t teach you how to get them, but a dating coach can help you get a girlfriend, get out of scarcity mindset and into one of abundance.