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First and foremost, we created a coaching business because music argumentative essay topics we love to teach, and want to help as many guys as we can with the process that made us who we are.

If you haven’t noticed already, there is something severely wrong with our dating culture. People don’t know how to meet each other. The fact that internet dating and tinder are so popular should attest to that. So unless you are classically good looking, love sitting in front of a screen swiping profiles while your social skills shrivel and die, you’re likely in a bit of trouble. And that was where we found ourselves many years ago – we wanted a rich an fulfilled dating life, but had no idea how to achieve it.

Around two years ago now we finally started getting the results we always wanted, and, being analytically minded, set a goal to condense everything we knew about dating into a simple, unified system. After much toil we produced a large volume of writing which covered everything we had learned in our journey. The hard part was finding a way to condense how to write a compare and contrast essay template it and teach it to others. And so we started coaching for free. Everything that worked we kept and refined, everything that didn’t we

threw out. Over thousands of hours walking the streets and grinding through bars we developed a simple, yet powerful system. It was a process of elimination that taught us how to coach, and what to teach.

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All of our coaches have tried and tested the best dating advice on the planet. With the breadth and depth of experience they have you will be on the right path to getting full control of your dating life.

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Melbourne Dating Coach has an expert team of coaches who help you from fashion, psychology to fitness and dating/relationship advice. All done exclusively One-on-One.

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Our Coaches are with you and teach you from the point of approaching to the date and beyond


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  • I received some awesome skills and advice on the sessions. I've never been that shy around girls but was having a lot of trouble on first dates and keeping them around. The guys at MDC gave me some great advice on how to get girls chasing me, instead of the other way around. They provided excellent support and continued advice, even in the middle of my dates!!! Can't thank them enough.
  • I did the transformation workshop with Melbourne Dating Coach after attending a free consultation. I experienced a bad breakup in 2015 and really didn't know how to get my dating life back on track. At one stage I barely had the confidence to leave my house let alone meet new girls. I told Brad right away that I would be a hard case but he was determined to help me get on track. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, it was a hard 5 weeks, but the best investment I've ever made.